Thank You!

To everyone who attended RMCLAS 2019 in Santa Fe, thank you so much for coming, for sharing your knowledge and ideas, and helping to make the meeting a success. The information on this year’s award winners is now available and congratulations again to all of them. Susan Ramirez and I are tremendously grateful to everyone who helped out in all the different ways that it takes to pull off a meeting and make it worthwhile.

We will be meeting in Las Cruces, NM in 2020 and details will follow on that!

Saludos, Sue Kellogg and Susan Ramirez

Final Conference Information & Program

First of all, dear colleagues, Susan Ramirez and I are excited that our meeting is in a little less than a week’s time. We are hoping for beautiful weather and that everyone will enjoy being in Santa Fe as much as we have. Here are some reminders and additional information:

  • For those flying in directly to Santa Fe, here is a link with ground transportation information:
    For the Albuquerque airport, here is a similar link.
  • Please be sure to view the final program not only to note all the sessions (66 in total), but the special sessions: Thursday from 12:30-1:30, with filmmaker Emily Cohen Ibanez; Thursday from 5:30-6:30, honoring Tom Davies; and Friday, 5:30-6:30 with Nicaraguan student activists.
  • Also, please note the opening and closing receptions–we hope you can join us.
  • At the back of the program, you will find a very abbreviated listing of things to do and restaurants in and around Santa Fe; that list is also attached here.
  • Finally, on technology, RMCLAS will supply projectors and screens for each meeting room; we cannot provide laptops. When we meet in Santa Fe, because we are not attached to a university, we do not have technical support for the equipment. Susan R. and I will make sure the equipment is distributed, but we cannot ourselves provide support. If anyone is willing to help us with setting up the projectors and responding to problems (Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning), please let us know. We would be grateful.

Hasta pronto, Sue K. and Susan R.

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