Adrian Bantjes Award

Adrian Bantjes Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper

This award (in honor of Adrian Bantjes) honors the best graduate student presentation at the annual meeting. $200.00 award. Please submit via email in pdf format. To be eligible, candidates must be members for two out of three years including the present year. Deadline: TBD.

Previous Award Winners

2021, Jian Gao, “Political Mobilizations and Cultural Spaces: Transnational Chinese Associations in Mexico, 1922-1945.”

2019 Frank Lacopo, “Linguistic Appropriation, the Society of Jesus, and Peru in the World of Catholic Renewal: Localism and Globalism in Transatlantic Missionary Strategy, 1543-1683”

2016 Jennifer C. González, Michigan State University

“Marriage and Sex in Colonial New Mexico, 1681-1730: The Deflowerment Cases”

2015 James Mestaz, University of Illinois at Chicago

“Their Technology, Our Way: Mayo Uses of Fuerte River”

2014 Julia Ogden, University of Texas

“Sodomy, Masculinity and Victimized Adolescents in Buenos Aires, 1853-1912”

2013 Michael D. Kirkpatrick, University of Saskatchewan

“Stasis and the Culture of Movement in Liberal Guatemala City”

2012 Anna Alexander, University of Arizona

“Calculated Responses to Gut-Wrenching Tragedy: Technological Innovation and Fire Safety in Mexico City, 1860-1910”