Adrian Bantjes Award

Adrian Bantjes Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper

This award (in honor of Adrian Bantjes) honors the best graduate student presentation at the annual
meeting. $200.00 award. Please submit via email in pdf format. Deadline: February 15, 2021.

Amanda Lopez, Chair
St. Xavier University

Kris Lane
Tulane University

Chad McCutchen
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Previous Award Winners

2019 Frank Lacopo, “Linguistic Appropriation, the Society of Jesus, and Peru in the World of Catholic Renewal: Localism and Globalism in Transatlantic Missionary Strategy, 1543-1683”

2016 Jennifer C. González, Michigan State University

“Marriage and Sex in Colonial New Mexico, 1681-1730: The Deflowerment Cases”

2015 James Mestaz, University of Illinois at Chicago

“Their Technology, Our Way: Mayo Uses of Fuerte River”

2014 Julia Ogden, University of Texas

“Sodomy, Masculinity and Victimized Adolescents in Buenos Aires, 1853-1912”

2013 Michael D. Kirkpatrick, University of Saskatchewan

“Stasis and the Culture of Movement in Liberal Guatemala City”

2012 Anna Alexander, University of Arizona

“Calculated Responses to Gut-Wrenching Tragedy: Technological Innovation and Fire Safety in Mexico City, 1860-1910”