RMCLAS Article Award

RMCLAS Article Award

The RMCLAS Article Award is for the most outstanding article in a journal or chapter in an
edited book published in the preceding year (2019). Nominees must have been members in the
preceding two years, except in the case of a graduate student who joined RMCLAS in her/his
final year of student and then published the article the following year.

Previous Award Winners

2020, Vanessa Freije, “Speaking of Sterilization:  Rumors, the Urban Poor and the Public Sphere in Greater Mexico City,”HAHR 99:  2(2019).

Honorable Mention, Jian Gao, “Restoring the Chinese Voice during Mexican Sinophobia, 1919-1934,” The Latin Americanist 63: 1(March 2019).

Steven Hyland, “The Syrian-Ottoman Home Front in Buenos Aires and Rosario during the First World War,” Journal of Migration History 4(1), 2019.

Mark W. Lentz, Utah Valley University, 2017