Crevenna/Sadler Service Award

Crevenna/Sadler Prize for Outstanding Service

For outstanding service to the Latin American Studies profession in general and RMCLAS in particular. Please submit via email in pdf format. To be eligible, candidates must be members for two out of three years including the present year.

Deadline: February 1, 2024

Please submit PDF copies of the nominations to award committee:

Fabricio Prado, Chair (

Previous Award Winners:

2022 Iñigo García-Bryce, New Mexico State University

2021 Robert Jordan, Colorado State University

2020 Kathy Sloan, University of Arkansas

2019 Donald Stevens, Drexel University

2017 Roderic Ai Camp, Claremont McKenna College

2016 Jeffrey Shumway, Brigham Young University

2015 Donna J. Guy, Ohio State University, and Susan M. Socolow, Emory University

2014 Susan Deeds, Northern Arizona University

2013 Lyman Johnson, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

2012 Susan Kellogg, University of Houston

2007 William H. Beezley, University of Arizona

2006 Mark Burkholder, University of Missouri, St. Louis

2000 Judy Ewell, College of William and Mary

1998 Manny Machado, University of Montana

1996 William Beezley, Texas Christian University

1995 Karen Harris, University of New Mexico

1992 Michael Meyer, University of Arizona

1990 R. Louis Sadler, New Mexico State University