Edwin Lieuwen Award

Edwin Lieuwen Award for the Promotion of Excellence in the Teaching of Latin American Studies

The Edwin Lieuwen Award for outstanding teaching or the promotion of outstanding teaching of Latin American Studies. The prize may go to ether an outstanding teacher or someone who has made excellent teaching possible with an outstanding text or teaching materials or video (submitted via email in pdf format). To be eligible, candidates must be members for two out of three years including the present year. Deadline: TBD.

Previous Award Winners

2022, Kim Morse, Washburn University

2021, Bianca Premo and José Carlos de la Puente, CHACRA, the Collective for Teaching the History and Culture of the Region of the Americas

2020, Jonathan Truitt, Central Michigan University and and Stephany Slaughter, Alma College

2019, Rocio Gomez, University of Arkansas

2018, Bridget Barry, University of Nebraska Press &

     Susan McEachern, Rowman & Littlefield &

                         W. Clark Whitehorn, University of New Mexico Press

2017, Robert Jordan, Colorado State University

2016 Sarah Cline, University of California, Santa Barbara

2014 Robert Neustadt, Northern Arizona University

2013 Ann Twinam, University of Texas at Austin

2011 Stephen Lewis, California State University, Chico

2009 William E. French, Professor of History, University of British Columbia

2008 Bert Barickman, University of Arizona, and Brian Loveman, San Diego State University

2007 Susan Socolow, Emory University

2005 Kris Lane, College of William & Mary

2004 Susan Deeds, Northern Arizona University

2003 Linda Curcio-Nagy, University of Nevada, Reno

2001 William H. Beezley, University of Arizona

2000 Frederick M. Nunn, Portland State University

1997 Sheryl Lutjens, Northern Arizona University

1996 Pamela Llorens, Miami Public School District

1995 Richard M. Hopper, SR Books & David Hotlby, University of New Mexico Press

1994 Mark A. Burkholder, University of Missouri-St. Louis & Lyman L. Johnson, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

1992 Edward J. Williams, University of Arizona

1991 Raquel Rubio-Goldsmith, Pima Community College

1989 Michael C. Meyer, University of Arizona & William L. Sherman, University of Nebraska