Bandelier/Lavrin Award

Bandelier/Lavrin Book Prize in Colonial Latin American History

Named to honor two pioneers in the history of the Spanish American empire, the first working in the early days of the field, the second who forged a path in colonial history and served as a model for female historians in the profession, this prize is awarded to the outstanding book published by a member of the association in the previous calendar year on the subject of colonial Latin American history. Due to global shipping challenges across the world this year RMCLAS will accept book nominations in either a physical or e-book submission. If both are an option, our readers would appreciate access to both.

PLEASE NOTE: Two prizes will be given this year, one for books published in 2021, and one for books published in 2022. To be eligible, candidates must be members for two out of three years including the present year. Please send your submissions to the appropriate committee, listed for each below.  Deadline: TBD.

Previous Award Winners:

2021, Shawn Michael Austin, Colonial Kinship: Guaraní, Spaniards and Africans in Paraguay, University of New Mexico Press

2020 Kris Lane, Potosí: The Silver City that Changed the World, University of California Press

Honorable Mention: Christoph Rosenmüller, Corruption and Justice in Colonial Mexico, 1650-1755, Cambridge University Press

2019 Jesse Cromwell, The Smuggler’s World: Illicit Trade and Atlantic Communities in
Eighteenth-Century Venezuela, University of North Carolina Press

Honorable Mention: Martin Nesvig, Promiscuous Power: An Unorthodox History of
New Spain, University of Texas Press

2017 Bianca Primo, Florida International University

2016 Ann Twinam, University of Texas at Austin

Purchasing Whiteness: Pardos, Mulattos, and the Quest for Social Mobility in the Spanish Indies

Honorable Mention: Martha Few, University of Arizona

For All of Humanity: Mesoamerican and Colonial Medicine in Enlightenment Guatemala